Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tony Howes

                                                   Dark, Dark city

 The neon lights shone bright and twinkling. Noised buzzed through the dark alley way. Huge buildings surrounded me as though they were guarding something. When we moved to South Hadley I didn’t know where I would fit in but I managed. What goes on here is a mystery always seeming to elude me somehow.
  I quickly wrote our live in maid Madame Delatorre a note so she would not fret as to where I was. I looked in to my parent’s room but for some strange reason my father wasn't there. I grabbed my South Hadley Tigers jacket and zipped it up and grabbed my camera gear and left the house. I checked my watch and it read 1:45 am. Perfect I thought to myself ill finally be alone with just her.
“Well, I hope you saved me a seat.” my girlfriend Skylar said as she hugged me. Her beautiful model like smile always got to me the way she held my hand always made me feel warm even if it was freezing. I had such compassion towards her it was just so sad.
The night was brisk as I walked home to my new home. As I tuned down the street I heard a familiar voice say “what do you mean you don’t have the money?” “I’m sorry just give me one more week.” a raspy voice said. “I’ve given you far too long” the first voice said. Then a loud Pop followed being enthralled with this conversation I didn't realize I was in the wide open and hid behind a big pine tree. Oh my god  I have to get out of here! I ran home not bothering to even change my clothes as I jumped under the cover of  my already too small bed. When I calmed down I took out my camera but it was already on. How strange I thought. I remembered the film and found I had filmed the can’t be! I thought
The sunlight shone brightly through my window at 8:00 am. I rubbed my eyes oblivious to what had happened last night. I made myself a cup of hot chocolate and saw my dad sitting on the couch watching the news. Sure enough they were talking about the murder. “This woman was seen fleeing the scene last night “No way I thought that’s Mrs. Wood! I called Skylar right away and told her to meet me. “What’s wrong” she asked?  “Nothing” so I replied as she put her perfect arms around my waist. “Tony, I know you and something’s wrong you can tell me” “I just thought I get some shots of the Sunset” “Don’t change the subject Tony.” “fine, When I was walking home I heard some voices and then I heard a gunshot” “I’m so sorry” She said “what can I do” I replied Well you've got to do something you can’t just keep this to yourself.” And we laid there holding each other in the field until the sun went down.
That night I had a dream. I was being chased by a man with the same voice as I heard last night and he was chasing me as if powered by a gas pedal running faster and faster getting closer and closer. I ran into a curb and tripped. An arm picked me up and I felt a cold circle pushed to my temple at that moment the man ripped off his mask to revile the face of my father. He said “ you’ve always had your decisions made for you but this one’s up to you and you better make the right decision, or else”. And with a strange grin he pulled the trigger. I woke up in a cold sweat. I sprinted to put on my jacket and ran all the way to the police station
At the station a studious woman said “how may I assist you?” I…I….I have this tape, I think someone would watch. The woman called for some officer and they put my tape into the small TV In the corner. The mysterious night of the murder appeared on the screen. The officer looked closely at the screen and jumped when the gunshot went off. “Who is that man” they asked. “That’s…that’s…that’s my…” I struggled to finish the sentence “That’s my father.” “You did the right thing.” The officers said “what’s going to happen to my dad” I asked “well he’s going to have to spend a long time in jail.” The police officer responded.

They sat me down in the lobby for awhile and I waited and waited until the front door swung open and thrust my father inside. He looked my way and our eyes locked. I felt like I should explain. I felt like breaking into a thousand little pieces. I know I had done the right thing but it felt so wrong. I tried to turn away, but the only thing I knew how to do was cry. One by one the tears slid down my cheeks.

The End


  1. 1) The conflict of the story is that his Dad commits a murder and he is convicted and Tony is debating to tell on his dad. It is a little of both because he is debating weather to tell on his dad which is internal. External on the other hand, is when his father commits the murder. Tony resolves the problem by turning his dad in because it was the right thing to do. I think that the ending was good because it seems like the likely thing to do. To make the story more dramatic, it has to be raining.


  2. 2) Tony the main character changes over the course of the story because his father commits a murder and he is not sure if he should turn him in. He changes because the stress of telling on his father will change his life because he wont have anyone but Skylar left. If Tony did not change over the course of the story his father would still be living with him and Tony would have a terrible guilt.

    3) My favorite part of the story is in the beginning when he is describing the way that the city lights up at night. It is in the exposition.''The neon lights shone bright and twinkling. Noised buzzed through the dark alley way. Huge buildings surrounded me as though they were guarding something.'' It reminds me of Boston at night when you come out of the stadium and you see the whole city lit up like a Christmas tree.

    4) I think that its the characters because they actually interact like real people would talk. Like when they meet and Skylar says " did you save me a seat?"" Because that's the way a real people would talk to each other.

    5) I think that the theme of this story is that you should always think about your decisions and what it right.

    6) I believe that this story is great and that he does not need to make any changes. Good job Tony.